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WAAM-it V-fon is a multi-purpose virtual phones system for PC. The virtual phones are created with a click of a button and include unique identifiers such as IMEI and necessary applications including WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business and VPN software.

Each V-fon sends bulk messages to hundreds of WhatsApp groups at once and has a Chat bot for quick automatic reply.

 Versatile Uses

  Advertise in hundreds of WhatsApp groups with just one click
  Advanced Chat bot for WhatsApp
  Rapid recovery if blocked on WhatsApp
  WhatsApp panel to supervise employee-client chats
  Compatible to work with WAAM- Sender and Spider

WAAM-it V-fon

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Purchasing WAAM-it products is a one-time payment with no subscription fee or any other costs

WAAM-it V-fon

Multi-purpose virtual phones system


Lifetime payment – no extra fees or charges

  • Builds batches of virtual phones on your PC with one click
  • Embedded WhatsApp Messenger & WhatsApp business
  • Advertises in hundreds of WhatsApp groups at once
  • Chat bot for a quick & smart auto reply
  • Imports contacts from spreadsheet to phone with one click
  • Generates sent/ received/ read messages reports
  • Works seamlessly with WAAM-it Sender and Spider
  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Single license for one PC
  • FREE instructional video course
  • FREE support & software updates

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System Requirements

1. Android Emulator – Free download link comes with the software
2. Pre-paid SIM cards or virtual numbers to activate WhatsApp on each phone
3. USB network camera to scan WhatsApp for PC or WhatsApp Web QR code
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