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WAAM-it Spider

 Weave & Spin Your Own Web

Member of a WhatsApp Group? Ever wanted to get all the numbers from all the WhatsApp Groups that you belong to? – WAAM-it Spider will do that for you with precision in a matter of a few seconds.

 Single Group Feature

Point to a WhatsApp Group of which you are Member. Click on “Save Number” and it is done. Create your Excel Spread sheet with the list of all numbers in this Group.

 Multiple Group Feature

Click on “Export All” and you will get all the numbers of the Members of all your groups at once; either in one long file without any duplication or in separate files – one for each group.

In addition, You also get a report file of all the Groups from which WAAM-it Spider obtained the numbers – how many numbers from each group, how many numbers in total and how many duplicate numbers were removed.

WAAM-it Spider

Scrap phone numbers from WhatsApp groups

Get WAAM-it Spider Pro

Purchasing WAAM-it products is a one-time payment with no subscription fee or any other costs

WAAM-it Spider Pro

Get all numbers from WhatsApp groups


Lifetime payment – no extra fees or charges

  • Collects all numbers from registered WhatsApp groups
  • WhatsApp Web embedded
  • Exports all numbers in a CSV or TXT format
  • Collects all your WhatsApp groups members in one click
  • Saves multiple groups either in a single or multiple lists
  • Generate detailed scrap report
  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Works with WhatsApp and WhatsApp business
  • FREE instruction video
  • FREE support & software updates

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