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WAAM-it Responder

Send Post-call and Away WhatsApp messages automatically from your phone


WAAM-it Responder is an Android app that allows users to send a predefined post-call WhatsApp and/or SMS message as soon as they finish a phone call or an Away Message if they did not take the call.


Users can set a separate text for each message type including emoji symbols, links with previews and edit it at any time. In a post-call message, users can set a permission request whether to send the message each time they finish a call in order to make sure only specific people receive it.


Users can also define that the app will add the recipient’s first name to the message if it is saved in the phone contacts. Responder is a much faster and more practical solution than a digital business card.

Send Post-call and Away WhatsApp messages automatically from your phone

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Responder application price is per annum

WAAM-it Responder

Send automatic Post-call and Away WhatsApp/SMS messages

57$ for one year

Responder application price is per annum

  • Send an automatic post-call message at he end of a phone call
  • Send an automatic Away Message when a call has not been taken
  • Messages are sent via WhatsApp and/or SMS as defined by the user
  • Optional personalization of messages
  • Supports text formatting, emoji symbols and links with a preview
  • Skips non-WhatsApp numbers
  • Works with WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business
  • Installed on Android Smartphones only
  • Single license for one device
  • Includes FREE instructional video
  • Includes FREE application updates

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