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Looking for a way to have multiple representatives respond from one WhatsApp number? Our unique software is the perfect solution!

It allows any number of representatives to receive and respond directly to inquiries on WhatsApp from a single number, without revealing their personal WhatsApp numbers to applicants

A system of WhatsApp representatives to answer from one number

WAAM-it Agents

Agents is the only software that allows multiple representatives to respond to inquiries from a single WhatsApp number. It includes three powerful features

An array of WhatsApp representatives in the Agents software

Unlimited Agents

Multiple representatives response to inquiries from a single WhatsApp number

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Unlimited Agents

Agents software routes inquiries through WhatsApp groups where representatives are members. Incoming messages are automatically directed to the relevant group, and when a representative replies, the response is sent as a personal message to the applicant from the same number. Included features:

  • Separate groups of representatives for different subjects or departments, enabling targeted inquiry handling
  • Up to 1024 representatives in each WhatsApp group
  • Send and receive texts with links and emojis
  • Send and receive files including photos, presentations and videos
  • Send and receive special elements including contact cards, stickers and voice note recordings
  • Agents can initiate conversation with recipients
  • Transfer inquiries to other representative groups for further handling
  • Transfer inquiries from group to private chat for personalized assistance

An array of representatives to handle WhatsApp inquiries in the Agents software

Smart filters for inquiries in Agents software

Smart Filters

Inquiries filters by date, phone number, and keywords for efficient agents assignment

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Smart inquiry filters

Customizable filters to control which contacts enter representative groups. This allows combining Blaster Ultimate chat bot. The filters include

  • Operate hours and days, and choosing whether inquiries are handled retroactively
  • Set up authorized phone numbers, ensuring only contacts from these numbers enter the designated group
  • Route keywords for each group and send a selection menu to callers, enabling self-directed inquiry assignment

Smart filters for inquiries in Agents software

Activity documentation and automation

Integrated Automation

Agents activity log in a Google Sheets, enabling automated workflow integrations

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Documentation & Automation

Agents software can be linked to Google Sheets table to log messages from representative groups. This table can be used with automation tools like Zapier or Make to connect with various platforms, such as customer management systems. The Google Sheet logs:

  • Name of the group of representatives
  • Name and phone number of the applicant
  • Name and phone number of the representative who answered
  • Content of the received or sent message
  • Date and time of message received or sent

Activity documentation and automation connections in Agents software

Agents in Action

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Installation license for one computer, compatible with Windows 10 or 11 operating systems and can be linked with WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business

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Short-Term Agents Rental

Try Agents software with 7-day rental for your customer support. Rental begins after installation and licensing. Includes a video course and WhatsApp messaging guide. If upgrading to annual subscription after rental, rental cost is deducted.

7- day Agents rental

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