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WhatsApp button on your site is the quickest way for clients to contact you. However, those using a computer web browser are directed to a confusing WhatsApp page, leading to 30% of potential leads being missed.

WhatsLink WordPress plugin solves this with a smart, floating WhatsApp link compatible for both desktop and mobile browsers. It’s easily placed and customized on your site.

Contact us on WhatsApp and Telegram plugin

WAAM-it WhatsLink

WhatsLink is an intelligent contact plugin for WhatsApp and Telegram, designed exclusively for WordPress websites.
It includes three powerful features

WhatsApp contact button

Floating Contact Button

WhatsApp and Telegram contact button adapted for visitors from phones or computer browsers

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WhatsApp contact button compatible for mobile and browser users

WhatsLink plugin creates an adaptive WhatsApp and Telegram contact button, bypassing WhatsApp intermediary page. Includes bit.ly integration that enables click tracking and statistics for data-driven optimization. WhatsLink Pro version includes:

  • Set unique WhatsApp button URLs for different site pages
  • Disable WhatsApp button on specific pages
  • Schedule WhatsApp availability by days and hours. Enable WhatsApp and Telegram referral buttons

WhatsApp contact button

WhatsApp links menu

Links Menu & Distribution

Contact links Menu and lead distribution amongst your representatives

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Contact links menu and distribute leads among representatives

WhatsLink Pro provides intelligent features for efficiently managing numerous contact links and distributing leads among your sales representatives including:

  • Menu to choose the desired WhatsApp contact
  • WhatsLink Pro allows leads distributing by directing each button click to a different representative from a predefined list
  • Two display options for managing representatives and buttons

WhatsApp links menu

WhatsApp link generator

Internal links Generator

Generate and embed WhatsApp contact links, referral links and group invitations

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WhatsApp link generator for embedding on your website

WhatsLink Pro features a link generator that creates embeddable WhatsApp buttons anywhere on your website using short codes:

  • WhatsApp contact links
  • WhatsApp referral links
  • WhatsApp group invitation links
  • Customize the buttons to match your website’s color scheme

WhatsApp link generator

WhatsLink in Action

Choose WhatsLink Basic or Pro

WhatsLink plugin is intended for installation on one WordPress site with one license

WhatsLink Basic
Contact button for WhatsApp and Telegram

USD a year

No auto-renewal

Uniform Contact Button

Consistent floating button across all website pages

Set operating hours and days

Configurable plugin operating hours and days

Links and representatives menu

Contact links menu and lead distribution to representatives

Link Generator

Generate contact, referral and group invitation buttons

Free video tutorials

Comprehensive video tutorials for operating the software

Free plugin Updates

Free plugin updates and new features

Free Support not included

Paid human technical support available

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