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WhatsApp has over two billion users worldwide with another million new users everyday – this makes WhatsApp the most powerful marketing tool today. For the past 6 years, we develop and sell WhatsApp marketing solutions globally for automatic personalized WhatsApp messaging, advanced WhatsApp chatbot and API integration for advanced automation.

WAAM-it LinkGen

 Simple & Easy

WAAM-it LinkGen generates two types of automatic WhatsApp links, which you can post on your social media, embed in your website, add to your email signature or printed material – in just a single click.

 Contact links

When clicked, it sends a message that was prepared in advance to your phone of choice, with no prior need to save the number in contacts. Try this link – to send us an automatic response

 Forward links

When clicked, the recipients will be prompted to choose contacts from their phone and send the automatic recommendation message that is prepared in advance. Try this link – to send an automatic WhatsApp recommendation to your contacts

 Time Saving & Powerful uses

  Get WhatsApp enquiries directly from your website & Social Media
  Receive WhatsApp enquiries when your Client scans a QR code you have embedded on your printed material
  Direct your clients to any third party with a prepared message – partners, client support, etc.
  Share with your prospects an automatic WhatsApp link to recommend your business with a pre-written text
  Register your clients to your tips, content and advertising sent via WAAM-it Blaster or WAAM-it Mobile application
  NEW! Add your bit.ly token to get click statistics

WhatsApp Marketing Software

Get WAAM-it LinkGen

One year subscription. No Automatic renewal

WAAM-it LinkGen

Generate Automatic WhatsApp Links

57$ per year

Annual Plan. No Automatic renewal

  • Generates Automatic WhatsApp Message links
  • Generates Automatic WhatsApp Forward links
  • Each link comes in five formats:
  • Full link code
  • Short bit.ly code
  • html link for website with call to action text
  • html link for website with call to action image
  • QR code image
  • Fixes and renders phone numbers
  • Add your bit.ly token to get click statistics
  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Single license for one PC
  • FREE instructional video course
  • FREE support & software updates

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