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WAAM-it LinkGen

 Simple & Easy

WAAM-it LinkGen generates two types of automatic WhatsApp links, which you can post on your social media, embed in your website, add to you email signature or printed material – in just a single click of a button

 WhatsApp message links

When anyone clicks on this link, they send a message that you have prepared in advance to your phone of choice, with no prior need to save your number in their contacts. Try this link – to send us an automatic response

 WhatsApp Forward links

When anyone clicks on this link, they choose contacts from their phone and send an automatic message/ recommendation that has been prepared in advance. Try this link – to send an automatic WhatsApp recommendation to your contacts

 Time Saving & Powerful uses

  WhatsApp enquiries directly from your website & Social Media
  Receive WhatsApp enquiries when your Client scans a QR code you have embedded on your printed material
  Direct your clients to any third party with a prepared message – partners, client support, etc.
  Share with your prospects an automatic WhatsApp link to recommend your business with a pre-written text
  Register your clients to your WhatsApp tips, content and advertising sent via WAAM-it Sender or WAAM-it Mobile application
  NEW! Add your bit.ly token to get click statistics

WAAM-it LinkGen

Get WAAM-it LinkGen

Purchasing WAAM-it products is a one-time payment with no subscription fee or any other costs

WAAM-it LinkGen

Generate Automatic WhatsApp Links


Lifetime payment – no extra fees or charges

  • Generates Automatic WhatsApp Message links
  • Generates Automatic WhatsApp Forward links
  • Each link comes in five formats:
  • Full link code
  • Short bit.ly code
  • html link for website with call to action text
  • html link for website with call to action image
  • QR code image
  • Fixes and renders phone numbers
  • Add your bit.ly token to get click statistics
  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Single license for one PC
  • FREE instructional video course
  • FREE support & software updates

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