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For customers seeking to connect various systems to WhatsApp, we offer specialized automation software. It enables sending WhatsApp messages automatically to leads who have provided their details through website forms, Facebook lead campaigns, mailing list registrations and more.

Connect also allows digital agencies to send leads directly to their clients’ WhatsApp in real-time.

WhatsApp automation software

WAAM-it Connect

Connect is a unique software that enables sending WhatsApp messages, including text and files, using automation triggers from various systems. It includes three powerful features:

Integrated Automation

Easy link to a Google Sheets for seamless automation with Zapier and Make

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Easy automation integration with various systems

Set triggers to send WhatsApp messages and files from various systems through a Google Sheets you create in just one minute. Apply Automations that can be done directly or via platforms like Zapier or Make

Connect Enterprise version enables adding a separate tabs for each WhatsApp account, each with its own automation connection, allowing simultaneous management of multiple WhatsApp accounts. Examples for real life automations:

  • Send a messages to leads after they fill out a form on your website
  • Send a message to leads from Facebook or Instagram campaigns
  • Send a message to every new mailing list subscriber
  • Send a reminder to webinar registrants for increased attendance
  • Send vouchers or invoices to customers after a purchase
  • Send a messages to customers who abandoned their shopping cart on your website

Text templates are ready for individual launch from the WhatsApp chatbot

Sending Texts

Send text messages with message splitting and formatted text

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Sending texts

Connect allows sending a variety of messages through WhatsApp automation, including:

  • Splitting a long message into several short messages
  • Adding emoji symbols
  • Formatted text: bold, italic, strikethrough, bullet points, inline code and more

Smart chat bot with automatic response to non-text elements

Sending Files

Send all file types, including photos, videos, and voice note recordings

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Sending all types of files

Connect enables the automatic sending of various file types, including:

  • Photos and videos
  • Presentations and documents
  • Stickers and voice note recording

Custom preview links in WhatsApp mailing software

Connect in Action

Choose your Connect Version

The Connect software is intended for installation on one computer with one license, is suitable for the Windows 10 or 11 operating system and can be connected to WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business

Connect Basic
WhatsApp automation software

USD a year

No auto-renewal

Integrated Automation

Easy connection to Zapier, Make and other platforms

Send Text Messages

Send text messages with message splitting

Send Files

Send all file types including voice note recordings

Multiple Accounts

Automation for multiple simultaneous WhatsApp accounts

Free video course

Comprehensive video tutorials for operating the software

Free technical support

Free human technical support by email or WhatsApp

Free software updates

Free software updates and new features

Free additional software

30-day free trial of any basic software package

Free personal training

One hour personalized software training included

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Short-Term Connect Rental

Try Connect software with 7-day rental for your WhatsApp automations. Rental begins after installation and licensing. Includes a video course and WhatsApp messaging guide. If upgrading to annual subscription after rental, rental cost is deducted.

7- day Connect Basic rental

$70 USD

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7- day Connect Enterprise rental

$120 USD

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