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Telegram is the world’s most advanced instant messaging software. Now offers businesses unparalleled capabilities with our software. Create unlimited Telegram bots for automated responses in private chats or groups using text, files, and interactive buttons.

Automatically publish posts in channels, and leverage the power of chatGPT integration and automation connections with Zapier and Make.

Telegram bot system including groups and channels

WAAM-it Telebot

Telebot is a unique software that enables the creation of unlimited Telegram bots with chatGPT integration and automation connections.
It includes three powerful features

Unlimited Telegram bots

Unlimited Telegram bots

Automated responses include interactive buttons and chatGPT integration

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Telegram bots management panel

Telebot sets up and manages unlimited Telegram official bots, including integration with chatGPT. This enables your bots to provide both rule-based technical responses and more natural, contextual answers by leveraging GPT’s understanding of your business, products, and services. With Telebot, you can create a seamless, intelligent communication experience for your Telegram audience.

Telegram bot allows you a wide range of actions including: automatic responses with text, files, and interactive buttons, as well as data collection and transfer capabilities. The features include:

  • AI representative powered by chatGPT to provide natural, contextual responses in both text and file formats
  • Automatic responses to inquiries using text, files, and links with previews
  • Share contact cards, a voice note recording and location maps
  • Respond to special elements like files, images, videos, locations and voice notes
  • Respond with clickable external or internal buttons
  • Store, reflect, and transfer data written to the bot
  • Forward received files to a representative’s Telegram account
  • Send a sequence of messages to subscribers
  • Configuring bot operation hours including weekends and holidays
  • Export bot conversation reports a spreadsheet including collected data
  • Crete and Edit bot rules via table or flowchart

Unlimited Telegram bots in Talbot software

Automatic posting on Telegram channels

Auto-post in channels

Pull articles and posts from blogs and websites to your channels using RSS feed

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Auto-post in Telegram channels

Integrate a bot into Telegram channels to stream content from websites like news, finance, cryptocurrencies, blogs etc. via simple RSS setup, automatically posting updates. Define positive or negative keyword filters to curate advertised channel content.

Automatic posting in Telegram channels in Talbot software

Automation connections in Telegram

Integrated Automation

Seamless automation and workflows using Zapier and Make integrations

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Integrated Automation

Telebot software features bi-directional automation integrations with Zapier, Make, Google Sheets, Webhooks and more. These automation connections enable an endless array of automated operations including::

  • Issue an invoice upon completion of an online payment transaction.
  • Verify availability of a required product in stock
  • Track employee scheduling and attendance at the workplace
  • Transfer details gathered by the bot into various systems like customer management platforms

Automation connections in Telegram in Talbot software

Telebot in Action

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Installation license for one computer, compatible with Windows 10 or 11 operating systems and can be linked with WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business

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Try Telebot software with 7-day rental for your campaigns. Rental begins after installation and licensing. Includes a video course and WhatsApp messaging guide. If upgrading to annual subscription after rental, rental cost is deducted.

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