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WAAM-it Cloner


WAAM-it Cloner is an Android application that duplicates a WhatsApp account into another device – and vice vera


The app works along with your existing WhatsApp accounts on your phone and it allows reading/ writing messages, sending files or photos taken with the camera and sharing contacts.


Cloner is recommended to those who wish to give another person full access to their WhatApp account and also parents who wish to monitor their children’s WhatApp activities.

WAAM-it Cloner

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Purchasing WAAM-it products is a one-time payment with no subscription fee or any other costs

WAAM-it Cloner

Clone WhatsApp account to other devices


Lifetime payment – no extra fees or charges

  • Installed on Android Smartphones only
  • Can duplicate WhatsApp from any types of phones
  • Works with WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business
  • Single license for one device
  • FREE instructional video
  • FREE support & software updates

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