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WAAM-it Mobile


WAAM-it Mobile is an automated Android application that enables you to send unlimited personalized What$app & SMS messages to any number of contacts you have in a spread sheet.


The application allows you to personalize your messages to include any information you wish to send including text in any format, emojis & links.


WAAM-it Mobile features in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, and Malay. Supports messaging in all What$app supported languages up to 3000 free text messages per hour worldwide.

 Innovative & Efficient

The application includes a built-in feature to export your contacts to a spreadsheet ready to be used with WAAM-it Mobile.

  Direct personal advertising to your clients
  Updates to employees at your organization
  Important information to students and parents
  Send tips and tutorials to your subscribers
  Subscription or insurance renewal reminders
  Send invitations for conferences, meetings and events

WAAM-it Mobile

Differences between WAAM-it and What$app broadcasts


WAAM-it Broadcast

Maximum number of recipients: UNLIMITED

Can messages be personalized for each recipient individually: YES

ANYONE using What$app will receive your message

WAAM-it vs What$app

WhatzApp Broadcast

Maximum number of recipients: 256

Can messages be personalized for each recipient individually: NO

ONLY recipients who have you in their contacts can receive the message

Get WAAM-it Mobile

Purchasing WAAM-it products is a one-time payment with no subscription fee or any other costs

WAAM-it Mobile

Send unlimited personalized What$app messages


Lifetime payment – no extra fees or charges

  • Send unlimited What$app messages worldwide
  • Set breaks between message batches
  • Supports xls, xlsx Spreadsheet files
  • Supports What$app text format and emojis
  • App Displays in 9 languages
  • Export phone contacts to a spreadsheet ready to be used
  • Renders phone numbers
  • Skips and blacklists wrong/ disconnected phone numbers
  • Filters out Duplicate phone numbers
  • Compatible with Android Smartphones
  • Works with What$app Messenger & What$app business
  • Single license for one phone
  • FREE instructional video
  • FREE support & application updates

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