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WhatsApp has over two billion users worldwide with another million new users everyday – this makes WhatsApp the most powerful marketing tool today. For the past 6 years, we develop and sell WhatsApp marketing solutions globally for automatic personalized WhatsApp messaging, advanced WhatsApp chatbot and API integration for advanced automation.

WAAM-it V-fon

WhatsApp Marketing Software with an advanced Chatbot & Automation


Introducing V-Fon: the ultimate multi-purpose software for creating virtual mobile smart phones your computer. With our cutting-edge WhatsApp chatbot, you can easily answer texts, files, and more.
But that’s not all! V-Fon also features a status posting system on WhatsApp, a sophisticated report generator, and seamless integration with our other software programs.


Our innovative V-Phone chatbot automatically replies to personal WhatsApp messages, replies in groups, and even sends a series of messages and files to registrants. Plus, with the option to connect to Zapier and Integromet, you can create custom automations with other systems to streamline your workflow.

 Accompanying customers to success

And to ensure your success, we offer a comprehensive training package with every version of V-Fon. You’ll receive a video course on operating the software, personal accompaniment from an expert, participation in an advanced online seminar, and one year of technical support.

Upgrade your virtual communication game with V-Fon today!

WhatsApp Chatbot Software

V-fon in Action

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One year subscription. No Automatic renewal

WAAM-it V-fon

Multi-purpose virtual phones system

737$ per year

Annual Plan. No Automatic renewal

  • Create virtual phones at the click of a button
  • Install WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp business automaticaly
  • Advanced chat bot that includes:
  • Automatic personal reply or in groups
  • Reply as a quote
  • Share files including: videos, photos, documents, contact card and more
  • Auto save recipients as contacts
  • Third party notifications
  • Send a series of messages to subscribers
  • Automatic unsubscribe
  • Bot days and dates inactivity panel
  • Collect, reflect and transfer received information
  • WhatsApp status schedule panel
  • Automatic unsubscribe
  • Quick WhatsApp numbers validation
  • Sent and received reports generator
  • Works seamlessly with WAAM-it Blaster and Spider
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Single license for one PC
  • FREE Instructional video course
  • FREE support & software updates

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V-fon short term rental

If you wish to try out WAAM-it V-fon or use it for a short term project you can rent our software for 7 full days starting from the moment you have installed and activated V-fon including. It comes with a full instructional video tutorial course and technical support.

If you decide to the yearly subscription license once your short term rental is over, we will deduct the rental cost from your yearly subscription.

7 Days Rental: 70$

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System Requirements

1. Android Emulator – Free download link comes with the software
2. Graphic card Supports OpenGL 2.0 and above with at least 1.5GB memory
3. Each virtual phone created needs about 500MB hard drive space
4. Each active virtual phone needs a minimum of 1GB RAM and one CPU core
5. Pre-paid SIM cards or virtual numbers to activate WhatsApp on each virtual phone
6. USB network camera to scan WhatsApp for PC or WhatsApp Web QR code
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